Our Next Production

Richard III

by William Shakespeare

12th – 14th & 19th – 21st October 2017

2017 is The Compton Players’ 70th anniversary, and we’re marking it with a spectacular production of Shakespeare’s Richard III.

Richard’s is a wartime story of murder, lust for power and an evil determination to become King.  Our production follows him on his journey to the crown through murderous plots and traitorous relationships leaving the audience to ponder the question – was Richard really a villain, or a victim of his own deformity?

With a nod to the mystery writing of the time, we’ve set this slick and at times brutal and poignant production in 1939; you can expect period costumes, a striking set and a real treat to celebrate 70 years and over 130 productions from The Compton Players!

Rich III Adjusted

The Cast

King Edward IV: Robin Hawkins
Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later, King Richard III): Peter Watt
George, Duke of Clarence, his brother: Nick Roberts
Duke of Buckingham: Dave Hawkins
Stanley, Earl of Derby: Paul Shave
Lord Hastings: George Buckland
Queen Margaret, widow to Henry VI: Elizabeth Saxton
Duchess of York, mother to Edward IV, Clarence and Richard III: Mary Warrington
Queen Elizabeth, wife to Edward IV: Tracey Pearce
Edward, Prince of Wales, her son: Alfred Morris/Elliot Jones
Richard, Duke of York, her son: Ava Pearce
Lord Rivers, her brother: Chris Kendrick
Marquess of Dorset, her son: Cameron Pearce
Lady Anne, later Queen to Richard III: Lauren Eeley
Sir Robert Brackenbury: Eric Saxton
Catesby: Naomi Read
Tyrell: Ann Griffiths
Earl of Richmond, later Henry VII: Robin Hawkins
Sir James Blunt: Chris Kendrick
Norfolk: George Buckland
Bishop of Ely: Eric Saxton
Lord Mayor of London: Ian Hickling
First Murderer: Brenda Prior
Second Murderer: H Connolly
Prison Guard/Lord: Archie Saxton
Various lords and messengers: members of the cast

Directed by Helen Saxton

A few rehearsal photos, mostly taken during an early rehearsal we held in St Mary’s Church, Compton.

Photos copyright and courtesy of  Tony Gartshore